9 Best Weed Farm Games for Android & iOS 2023

Weed farm games are a popular genre among mobile gamers, providing a fun and relaxing way to cultivate virtual cannabis crops. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which games are worth your time and which ones are less impressive. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best weed farm games for Android and iOS in 2023.Criteria for Selection
To create this list, we considered several factors, including user ratings, gameplay, graphics, and overall fun factor. We wanted to provide a range of games that would appeal to both casual gamers and more serious players looking for a challenge.

The 9 Best Weed Farm Games for Android & iOS 2023

  1. Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon – This game allows players to become a cannabis tycoon, building and managing their own weed empire. With over 50 strains of marijuana to cultivate, players can expand their business and eventually become a global leader in the industry.
  2. Hempire – In this game, players start with a small marijuana farm and work to expand and improve their business. Along the way, they’ll encounter challenges and obstacles that will test their skills and strategic thinking.
  3. Bud Farm: Grass Roots – This game combines farming and strategy elements, with players managing their own cannabis farm and selling their products to customers. The game features a variety of characters and quirky humor, making it an enjoyable and lighthearted experience.
  4. Weed Tycoon 2 – This game puts players in charge of their own marijuana dispensary, where they must manage inventory, staff, and finances. The game features realistic graphics and a detailed simulation of the cannabis industry.
  5. High Times: The Game – Based on the popular cannabis magazine, this game allows players to build their own weed business and compete with other players around the world. The game features multiplayer options and regular updates with new content.
  6. Pot Farm: Grass Roots – In this game, players cultivate their own cannabis crops and build a community of fellow growers. The game features a range of customization options and a fun, cartoonish style.
  7. Ganja Farm – This game allows players to build and manage their own marijuana farm, with realistic weather and growth cycles affecting the cultivation process. The game also features a variety of mini-games and challenges to keep players engaged.
  8. Weed Firm 2: Back to College – In this sequel to the popular Weed Firm game, players must manage their own cannabis business while navigating the challenges of college life. The game features a unique and entertaining premise, along with improved graphics and gameplay.
  9. Happy Acres: Cannabis Ranch – This game puts a cannabis twist on the classic farming simulation genre, with players growing marijuana plants alongside other crops and animals. The game features a range of quests and challenges, along with charming graphics and a relaxing soundtrack.


Whether you’re an avid fan of weed farm games or just looking for a new mobile gaming experience, these 9 titles are sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you prefer realistic simulations or lighthearted cartoonish visuals, there’s something on this list for everyone. So why not give these games a try and see which ones become your new favorites?

Updated: April 25, 2023 — 9:37 pm

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